Play For The Kids

Why We Play For The Kids™

Remember how much fun it was to be a kid? Riding bikes, eating popsicles, being with friends, swimming – all things that kids undergoing cancer treatment might miss out on. Help children fighting cancer right now by joining Play For The Kids. Because everybody deserves to be a kid, don’t they?

What Is the Goal of Play For The Kids™?

Whether you host a fundraiser filled with fun and games or you support an existing team, you’ll make a difference in the lives of kids fighting cancer and their families. Rally your friends and family to support your fundraiser to have an even bigger impact.

Your support will save lives and give hope to kids in our community and around the world. Funds raised are used for superior care, comprehensive research and innovative pediatric research.

Ideas for Hosting a Play For The Kids™ Fundraiser

Play For The Kids™ invites supporters of all ages to have fun while raising funds for Four Diamonds. Here are some ideas:

  • Move your body: Commit to moving your body to honor the kids who can’t. You can do anything from swimming a certain number of laps to taking 10,000 steps a day. As you post your progress on social media, ask your followers for donations.
  • Eat like a kid: Choose your favorite food and come up with a fun way to enjoy it. You could host an ice cream sundae social where friends and family have to donate to attend, or have an eating challenge where you’ll eat a certain food for donations.
  • Enjoy fun and games: Have fun with your loved ones while raising money by hosting a game or activity day. You can do a sporting tournament, movie night or trivia challenge.
  • Play your way: If you have a different idea, play your way makes it possible for you to engage in it while raising money for children receiving treatment at our Children’s Hospital. Whether you host a scavenger hunt or enjoy your favorite childhood pastime, you’ll help Four Diamonds fight for a cure.

Start a Cancer Research Fundraising Event Today

Whether you decide to indulge in your favorite sweet treat or host a day filled with fun and games, you’ll make a difference in the lives of kids fighting cancer and their families. When you stay committed to fundraising for pediatric cancer research, you join our mission to conquer cancer and give hope to kids in their fight.

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