Play For The Kids™: The Fun Way to Support Childhood Cancer Research

Why Play For The Kids™?

Remember how much fun it was to be a kid? Riding bikes, eating popsicles, being with friends, swimming – all things that kids undergoing cancer treatment might miss out on. Help children fighting cancer right now by joining Play For The Kids. Because everybody deserves to be a kid, don’t they?

Play For The Kids™ culminates during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September to help raise support and awareness for children fighting this disease. By donating to Four Diamonds, you can make a huge difference for these kids and their families. Fundraising is one of the best ways to support childhood cancer research.
Four Diamonds also helps cover costs like art therapy and nutrition. Childhood only happens once, and our mission is to help kids make the most of it.

What Is the Goal of Play For The Kids™?

Whether you host a fundraiser filled with fun and games or you support an existing team, you’ll make a difference in the lives of kids fighting cancer and their families. Rally your friends and family to support your fundraiser to have an even bigger impact.

Your support will save lives and give hope to kids in our community and around the world. Funds raised are used for superior care, comprehensive research and innovative pediatric research.

Ideas for Hosting a Childhood Cancer Research Fundraising Event

Whether you’re a frequent fundraiser or this is your first time hosting an event to benefit pediatric cancer research, adding a dose of childhood fun is one of the best ways to make it successful. Explore some ideas for your event:

  • Enjoy fun and games: Have fun with your loved ones while raising money by hosting a game or activity day. You can plan a sporting tournament, movie night or trivia challenge.
  • Host a water balloon fundraiser: Help beat the summer heat and childhood cancer with a water balloon fundraiser. Charge a dollar per balloon and have participants engage in a safe, friendly battle.
  • Create a virtual puddle jump: You can’t jump in puddles without a little rain. This fundraiser offers a chance to make the most of gloomy weather while supporting a good cause. Have participants film themselves jumping into a puddle and donate after uploading their video.

Four Diamonds Childhood Cancer Fundraising Events

How You Can Support Childhood Cancer Research Through a Play For The Kids™ Fundraiser

Cancer research saves lives. One of the best ways to help children affected by pediatric cancer is by participating in or donating to a cancer research fundraiser.

At Four Diamonds, we offer comprehensive support for these children and their families. This means we cover 100% of patient bills that do not qualify for insurance coverage for all Four Diamonds families. We also cover family therapy, genetic counseling and other services in support of overall well-being.

One of the main benefits of being a donor is directly impacting children affected by cancer. When you donate, you are:

  • Supporting critical pediatric cancer research: Our team is dedicated to supporting cancer research efforts. We share knowledge across national and international consortiums to help all researchers improve the treatment process and accelerate the search for a cure.
  • Spreading awareness to find a cure: Donating to cancer research organizations allows you to share information about the cause and encourage others to contribute.
  • Giving hope to children affected by cancer and their families: Participating in Play For The Kids™ helps give hope and encourages kids like Adley and their families by showing them they are not alone in their fight against cancer.

Start a Cancer Research Fundraising Event Today

Whether you host a water balloon competition or host a day filled with fun and games, you’ll make a difference in the lives of kids fighting cancer and their families. When you stay committed to fundraising for pediatric cancer research, you join our mission to conquer cancer and give hope to kids in their fight.

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