Stacy Bingler Forbes


Location: Littleton, CO

Connection to Four Diamonds: THON and Four Diamonds have been a part of my life for over 25 years.

Years of Involvement: THON 1992 – present

How are/were you involved with Four Diamonds and THON? 
When I first got involved, I had no idea the impact that THON and Four Diamonds would have on my life.  Working with such amazing individuals all focused on the common goal of eradicating cancer, while helping families who are struggling to survive in any way we can, has been such a fulfilling journey. The courage and strength that I have seen firsthand as these families fight to defeat cancer inspires me every day, as does the selfless dedication of so many volunteers to help make a difference. THON and Four Diamonds have given me so much more than I feel I can ever give back and as such, I plan to continue the fight in any way that I am able. 

1992 Morale Committee (dancer relations), 1993 Social Committee (hospitality), 1994 Overall Social Chair (hospitality director), 1995 Overall Chair (executive director), 1991-1995 THON fundraiser for Kappa Alpha Theta and Lion’s Paw, DMAIG (2000-present) current- Director Emeritus, past- President, Vice President, Secretary, DMAIG dancer in THON 2000 and THON 2013, Four Diamonds Advisory Board Member 2010-2012, THON Express/Hope Express- HE Team Runner 2010, Extreme Team Runner 2011 and 2012, 99er Team Runner 2016.

Why is the partnership between Four Diamonds and THON important?
The partnership between THON and Four Diamonds is so unique and it is the reason that THON has been so successful through the years. That personal connection to a Four Diamonds family, to be able to picture your Four Diamonds child’s face, when you are out canning in the cold, staying up all hours of the night planning for THON weekend or standing for 46 hours, makes all of the difference. I believe that those relationships are equally as valuable to the Four Diamonds families who have year-round support from strangers who become friends, and of course THON weekend, which is like another Christmas for a Four Diamonds kiddo.  

What is your favorite memory? 
I have so many amazing memories from all of the committees I was a part of through the years, dancing in THON two times, all of those middle of the night special moments running with Hope Express. But the biggest thing I have taken away from all of those experiences is the relationships. 

I have lifelong friendships with so many special people that I worked with on committees during my time as an undergrad. I have unbreakable bonds with Four Diamonds families that I met more than 25 years ago and those that I continue to meet through my involvement in events like Hope Express. I have so many wonderful people in my life that I met through DMAIG or because they have worked for Four Diamonds or served on the Four Diamonds Advisory Board. Of course one of my dearest friendship is that which I have formed with the Millards. What a full circle moment it has been to be able to watch the final hours of THON with Charles and Stacia and their families these last few years. 

What is your dream for Four Diamonds and THON over the next 40 years?
I think that the obvious answer is that I hope that we find a cure for cancer so that we won’t need to continue to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer. Until then, I hope that THON and Four Diamonds can continue to strengthen their relationship and work together to help as many families as they can, not just in the Pennsylvania, but all across the country.  



#PartnersInTheFight to conquer childhood cancer