Team FTK

What Is Team FTK®?

Team FTK (For The Kids®) is our Four Diamonds collegiate community fundraising program that unites our supporters in the quest to conquer childhood cancer. If you have previously participated in Four Diamonds Mini-THON and are currently enrolled in college, but still want to partner in our fight against pediatric cancer, this program is for you.

By joining Team FTK, you partner with Four Diamonds in our objective to help every childhood cancer patient survive and flourish as they grow. As a Partner In The Fight™, you can be empowered knowing you’re providing hope to numerous children and their families.

By assisting us in doing everything For The Kids, you’ll be playing an important role in helping each one thrive and survive throughout treatment. Patients all around the world will receive the support they need to courageously fight their disease.

Discover how this fundraising community will help you partner with us to reach this goal.

How to Get Involved in Our Nonprofit Cancer Organization

Getting involved with Team FTK® is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Check out these fundraising ideas!
  2. Create a Team FTK fundraising page.
  3. Raise funds to conquer childhood cancer.

Team FTK® Cancer Charity Fundraiser Ideas

Whether you are an individual or a corporate partner, there are endless fundraising opportunities available to support our nonprofit. You can easily turn your passions and interests into a fundraiser that helps raise money for life-saving medical care and research.

Some ways to get involved with Team FTK® are:

  • Campus events: Colleges and universities, even daycares, can host several small fundraising events, one large event or a combination of both to raise money. For the best engagement, consider your campus culture and incorporate Four Diamonds supplies like balloons and banners for awareness.
  • Conquer challenges: Get your friends and family members involved in a conquer challenge, where you participate in your favorite physical activity to gain support. By sharing stories and event details and working with a Four Diamonds staff member, you can get more people involved in your fun challenge and see the most success.
  • Personal milestones: Consider dedicating your next personal milestone to raising funds for medical care and research. Whether it’s your birthday, graduation or wedding, you can create a Team FTK® fundraising page that makes a difference.
  • Tribute funds: With a tribute fund, you can create a legacy of your loved one. Your friends and family can donate in the patient’s honor or memory through your Team FTK® fundraising page.
  • Your own campaign: Use your unique passions to create your own fundraising event campaign. By sharing what Four Diamonds’ mission means to you and providing details on the event, you can get all your friends and family involved in your fundraiser.

Start Fundraising for Children’s Cancer Today

Whatever fundraiser you have in mind, Team FTK® enables you to use your passions to raise awareness and funds for cancer treatment and research. Creating and hosting your own fundraiser will put us one step closer to conquering childhood cancer. Ready to start making a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families?

Get Involved